Creatures & Craws


3.5" Craw D'oeuvre


Single Pack: 8 Ct. According to the PowerTeam Dictionary, the Craw D'oeuvre (pronounced Craw Derv, like hors d'oeuvre…think of a little appetizer) is also commonly referred to by millions of anglers as the "Craw D", or "The D'oeuvre",  and...

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3.8" Mauler


Single Pack: 6 Ct. If you're looking to pound the lateral lines of bass from two states away, you just hit the jackpot. The incredible action of the 3.8" Mauler sends vibrations through the water which creates an irresistible thundering beacon for bass...

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3.5" Texas-Rig Jig®


Single Pack: 6 Ct. So there I am once again with the tip of my flippin stick 6 feet down in the water trying to dislodge my jig from the brush pile I was fishing. Despite my poking and prodding in the branchy pile of nastiness, I'm left with no choice...

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4" Diesel Craw


Single Pack: 6 Ct. Ever wonder why your livewell is always littered with remnants of crawfish after a long day on the water? That's because bass simply love them (love em', love em', love em')! They're loaded with nutrition, easy to catch, and bass eat...

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4.5" Conviction Craw


Single Pack: 6 Ct. Did you know that the word "Conviction" in Conviction Craw is just a giant abbreviation? If not, you’re leading a sheltered life and need to read below to catch up on current events! So here we go… C.  Countless...

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4.5" Bully Grass Devil


Single Pack: 6 Ct. As you sit back and stare at that sloppy mat of vegetation that looks so thick you'd swear you could walk on it, you quietly lean forward and grab your heavy flippin' stick. And while you're rigging up a 1.5 oz. tungsten, a 5/0...

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