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Hog Tonic®

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The first time you squirt a few drops of Hog Tonic, two things are going to happen. You're gonna gain friends and your gonna lose friends. The friends you're gonna lose will be the people standing closest to you because Hog Tonic stinks to high heaven. But on a good note, the friends you're gonna gain are the ones that breathe water, have big mouths, and just so happen to be the ones you wake up for at 4 am in the morning all pumped up to go catch.

*Note: Be forewarned that the people that do stick around you are only using you to get to your bottle of Hog Tonic! Once your bottle is empty, they will drop you like a bad habit! So what makes fish so crazy over Hog Tonic?  It's funny, most people think it's all about the powerful smell. But the truth is, it's all about the aminos. Hog Tonic is a heavy dose of specific amino acids. No chemicals, no synthetics no byproducts, no artificial ingredients…just 100% pure natural aminos (that's right bassin' peeps, there's no BS in this bottle)! And being that fish need these aminos to survive and grow, they recognize it as soon as it enters their mouths. Their brain registers that it's real, and they don't want to let it go. So you can definitely bank on having more time to set the hook! Once you start fishing with Hog Tonic you'll never want to fish without it…you'll see. ;)

*Fact: Hog Tonic was not tested by a professor at a University on hungry bass in a giant tank under controlled conditions. Hog Tonic was tested and proven on real bass in pressured waters by real fishermen in everyday real life situations. The true results that matter!



Don't be stupid! Your aim is not is as good as you think it is! So if you hold your bait over the side of the boat and try to squirt it with Hog Tonic, the odds of you nailing it on the first one or two squirts is pretty slim! Instead, just open your bag of PTL plastics, shoot a few squirts inside and work it around the baits. This stuff is powerful peeps and it doesn't take much. Also, make sure that when you do squirt, the nozzle is facing towards the bag of baits and not you. Otherwise your wife might not let you back into the house when you return from fishing (been there, done that, got the T-Shirt).          

Directions for use:

Shake gently then spray 3 to 4 shots of Hog Tonic® into your favorite bag of plastics prior to using. Re-apply if necessary or if you just like it extra stinky.


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  • Hog Tonic

    Posted by JEFF COX on 10th Mar 2020

    Works great. Unfortunately it leaked inside the bag it was shipped in. I’ll have to take it outside and rinse bottle off once weather warms up. Other then the shipping problem I’ve used it before and it works.

  • A Firm Believer

    Posted by Craig Fried on 20th May 2019

    I have been a firm believer in using scents on my soft plastics for over 20 years, I have to say that Hog Tonic is at the top of the scent game. I purchased this as a result of a recommendation from someone on Bass Boat Central, I have used it in three tournaments so far and the results have been awesome! Seriously, the strikes are so much harder when Hog Tonic is on the bait. Last weekend I did a test, after catching about a dozen bass using the same bait with Hog Tonic applied, I decided to throw the same bait without Hog Tonic applied to see if I would still catch them. I did not. The very first cast after applying Hog Tonic again, I caught fish #13. Enough said for me, I’m a believer in this product.

  • Hog Tonic

    Posted by Warren Lane on 24th Sep 2018

    Best and strongest scent money can buy. 5 pumps in a new bag of plastics and good to go. Bass bite and won't let go. Be sure to bring a towel to wipe your hands after using. The bass love the smell but the wife not so much.

  • Always a necessity

    Posted by Steve Weber on 9th Apr 2018

    If you enjoy catching fish look no further, this stuff works period

  • Powerful strong scent

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2018

    I have only used this on one outing so I only gave it four stars. The reason for that is the scent is as good as any other that I have used as far as staying on the lure and is a strong scent and the scent/smell seems to last. I got some on my hands the first thing in the morning when I applied it to a Zoom Utail worm and I could still smell it pretty strong on my hands at the end of the day. It wasn't until I got home and washed my hands with dawn dishwashing liquid that I got it off. So for it to last that long on my hands I think that it would last a very long time on my lures especially if I put a few drops in the bag and let the baits soak up the hog tonic. It has a very strong garlic scent which in our local lakes seems to work pretty well.
    I just haven't done enough testing to say that it is worthy of a five star rating or not.

  • Stout stuff

    Posted by David on 26th Jan 2018

    You know this stuff is potent when it comes in 3 wrappings! The scent lasts all day and a little goes a long way. I always take two bottles and pour them into another bottle with a twist-type closure. I can better control the application and not waste product by spraying it out in to the lake.


    Posted by Andrew Holland (IG: New_River_Valley_Bassin) on 19th Nov 2017

    Wow. When I first smelled this stuff, my first thought was, “HOLY CRAP THAT’S STRONG”! Almost 5 hours later, I walked in my house and my girlfriend asked, “What’s that smell?!?”. That smell was my jig and trailer that I had sprayed once.... ALMOST 5 HOURS EARLIER! By far the BEST attractant you can buy.


    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2017

    I have been using Hog Tonic now for about 4 years. I spray it on to all my plastic in their bags. When things are slow this stuff works, and when they are biting they hit your bait hard. I have not gone out bass fishing and have not been skunked in over 4 years. I credit this on using hog tonic. I never fish without it.

  • Unbelievable

    Posted by Joe S on 19th Jun 2017

    If I'm using any kind of jig or soft plastic, you better believe it's got a hefty dose of Hog Tonic on it!! I've had days where I'll go fishing but don't use it, I'll get bites here and there but nothing tremendous. Then I'll spray a little Tonic on my lure and bam, my amount of bites starts to go up very quickly. I never go fishing without it now.


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