Custom Kits

Let's face it, nobody knows the waters you fish better than you do (unless of course you're a little goofy). And building your own Custom Kits allows you to choose everything you want to create the best possible kits to suit the waters you fish. You know your lakes better than we do, so we leave all of the choices completely up to you.

If You Build It, Bass Will Come!


Sick Stick Custom 5" Kit


Customize your very own 5" Sick Stick Kit! Load this Plano 3600 Pro Latch box with 7 different colors of your choice! So what do you get? 6 trays that hold 12 baits each and a 7th tray that holds 20 baits (for your all-time favorite "go to" color). Plus...

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Custom Panic Box


Running out of time and need to get your limit? Don't panic! Create your own Custom PTL Panic box and put 5 in the well in your time of need! The PTL Panic Box comes with a variety of different profiles to make sure you can cover any situation at hand. ...

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Custom 4.5" Grub Kit


Feeling kind of grubby? Well you just clicked on the right page! If you love throwing yourself some grubs, this Custom 4.5" Grub Kit will convert your throwing into catching. And the best part is, you get to build it yourself to match you grubby needs...

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