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Birthday Rewards, New Colors and Bully Grass Devil's back in stock.


Earn 500 Extra Rewards For Your Birthday!
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Birthday Bonus? New colors? Wha wha whaaat!!?

Light the candles on that big old cake because your birthday just got better. We’re talking 500 rewards points better! When you sign up for our new Birthday Bonus Points, every year that you get older (and crustier) you can count on PTL to drop 500 juicy rewards points into your account. Click the button below to register your birthday to your PowerTeam Rewards account so we can start hooking you up.

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And for you 3.5” Food Chain Tube fanatics - 4 NEW colors just arrived and are now in stock!


Okeechobee Craw – Although many people think “but I don’t live in Florida”, don’t let the name fool you. This color catches bass no matter where you live. Okeechobee Craw is a personal pig catchin’ fave here at the PTL headquarters (and we’re located in VA)!

The color Galaxy sells so well in the Sick Stick, we just had to add it to the 3.5” Food Chain Tube! It's out of this world!

Green Melon W/Red Flake
is the perfect balance between the colors watermelon red flake and green pumpkin red flake. As a matter of fact, it’s so sexy it’ll be replacing both those colors.

Creamy Pumpkin Seed – there’s a time and a place for everything (yes, even a time for a little creamy in your pumpkin seed).
Shop The Food Chain Tube!

Bully Grass Devils are back in stock!
Including the new Green Melon Red Flake and the reformulated Delta Destroyer! So grab your flippin stick, find some heavy cover, and send the Bully in to do what it does best!
Check out the Bully Grass Devil!
Check out the Bully Grass Devil!

The things we do to keep the bass happy! 

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New injector = New colors and restocked favorites!

There’s so much cool stuff to talk about I don’t even know where to begin – so I’ll keep it short and sweet and get to the nitty gritty. Baits! Baits! Baits! Aside from restocking on all the favorites in the Sick Stick, 5 exciting colors have been added to the Sick Stick family! Wicked Berry Junebug Susky Slayer Pumpkin Seed Pink PounderWith 22 [...]

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More New Custom Kits?!?!?!?

We've released two more awesome kits for you to start customizing and crushing bass with! Check them out!The Wacky Sick Stick Kit and The 4.8" Swinging Hammer KitHere's what you get inside! 72 Sick Sticks (6 colors, 12 pcs per tray)9 Jacked Wackers (3 sizes, 3 pcs per tray)6 Hog Tonic Capsules1 Plano [...]

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New Item: The Bull Nose/Craw D Kit

You asked for it...so we built it! Now you get to custom build it to suit you!Here's whats in it:8 Bull Nose Jigs (3/8 or 1/2 and your choice of colors)18 Craw D'oeuvres (3 colors, 6 ea tray in your choice of colors)6 Hog Tonic CapsulesAll wrapped up in a Plano Pro Latch 3620 Utility Box  

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Cooling Performance Wicking Tees Now Available

Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

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New Color added for the Diesel Craw.

We just can't get enough of this Green Pumpkin/Grape Swirl. So here it is now available in the 4" Diesel Craw.

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More New Colors added to the Swinging Hammer

Two new colors in the 4.8" Swinging Hammer are now in stock and you're either going to absolutely love em' or hate em' (we personally love them)! First there's Bubble Gum Flash for the die-hard "pink" anglers out there who swear up and down by the color pink (you know who you are).Second, Electric Chicken for our salt water fans [...]

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New colors, terminal tackle and tungsten

We've got a lot of new things that just came out and some more cool stuff coming in the next couple weeks. Here's the latest new arrivals.

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Swinging Hammers back in stock plus we've added Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl!

OOOH YEA!!!! The truck just arrived and the GP Light Blue Swirl Swinging Hammers are HERE! Wooooohooooo!http://www.powerteamlures.com/4-8-swinging-hammer-1/ We also have Money and Slam Shad back in stock! Plus Dinner Bell Sick Sticks and Bully Grass Devils in Junebug and Delta Destroyer are back in stock too!!!!! I'm so pumped I can hardly contain myself!!!!

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