Sick Stick 5"


Single Pack: 7 Ct. Instead of letting the owners of the company do a write-up for me, I figured I'd just copy and paste my profile here and leave it up to you to decide if you think we're a good match for each other. "Hi there, my name is...

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Tickler 7"


Single Pack: 8 Ct. An interesting nationwide survey was recently conducted by scientists at the University Of PowerTeam Lures (UPTL). During this study, one million women from all walks of life between the ages of 20 and 50 years old were...

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5" Finicky Tickler


Single Pack: 12 Ct. Ask any bass and they'll be the first to tell you, sometimes they just want to be teased a little bit in order to get them to snack. Like this whole thing is some kind of a big game to them or something. Like they could care less...

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10" Ribbon Hinge Worm


Single Pack: 8 Ct. "Damn your worm is big!", "I think yours is bigger than mine!", "Can they fit that whole thing in their mouths?", "I'd love to try your worm but I don't know if I can handle one that size."  Unfortunately, these are the types of...

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