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FCT Jig Heads

$5.63 $3.99

The FCT Heads were custom made specifically to be the PERFECT FIT for our 3.5" Food Chain Tube. Our main man at Mike's Guide Service designed these awesome heads for us. And being that Mike literally goes through thousands of our tubes each year...

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Hog Tonic®


The first time you squirt a few drops of Hog Tonic, two things are going to happen. You're gonna gain friends and your gonna lose friends. The friends you're gonna lose will be the people standing closest to you because Hog Tonic stinks to high heaven...

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Pea Heads

$6.68 $5.79

I'm gonna do a little mind reading here for a second so bear with me (I'm psychic like that). Silence! I'm trying to concentrate! Hmmmm, alright okay…it's all coming clear to me now. Hang tight while I tell you a little bit about yourself. (1)...

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Jacked Wackers

$7.48 $5.49

Sorry folks, we're not fans of tiny hooks on wacky heads. When we hook a big bass, we like to have the point buried deep into the mouth, not skin pinched on the end of the lip with a tiny hook. This is why we built our Jacked Wackers with a 1/0 EWG Owner...

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Lean Drops

$5.28 $4.09

So you like drop shotting eh? And when you're drop shotting, you prefer a cylindrical drop shot weight because it doesn't get hung up as much eh? And you're thinking I'm Canadian because I use the word eh a lot, eh? Well actually I'm not, but some of the...

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Soft -Bait Glue by PRO's


This glue will quickly become your new favorite soft plastic buddy. We here at PowerTeam Lures use it ourselves when we're on the water so we figured we'd offer it on our site to help our customers get more life out of their baits as well. Glue your...

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Electronic Scale 30 lbs.


The Baker Electronic 30lb Scale combines tournament-class accuracy with an easy-to-read digital display that makes it a must-have for any angler. To ensure the utmost accuracy, the Baker Electronic 30lb Scale has a simple push-button operation...

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Braided Line Scissors


The Baker Braided Line Scissors are equipped with a number of features that make them a must-have on any bass boat. The blades on the Baker Braided Line Scissors are both built from a durable stainless steel and have a unique design that makes...

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Culling Kit


Offering tournament-class culling, the Baker Culling Kit gives anglers an easy way to rank and identify fish with its brightly colored 10-piece system. Designed to work hand-in-hand with the Baker Electronic 30lb Scale and...

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Grip 'n' Weigh 15 lb.


Spring-loaded fish gripping tool with built-in spring scale for weighing your catch. All metal components are high-grade stainless steel and comes with an EVA type handle for comfort and grip with an adjustable lanyard. The Baker Grip ‘n’...

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