Power Team Lures

11" Die Cut Decal


These 11" x 3.5" die-cuts are made from durable 3 mil vinyl and are perfect showing off your PTL! Great for boats, vehicles, kayaks, trailers, mailboxes and big foreheads!        ...

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4" Diesel Craw The Natural Pro Pack


Pro Pack: 25 Ct. Ever wonder why your livewell is always littered with remnants of crawfish after a long day on the water? That's because bass simply love them (love em', love em', love em')!...

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6" Gator


Single Pack: 8 Ct. Single Pack - Includes 1 Hog Tonic Capsule, UNOPENED" "Pro Pack - Includes 2 Hog Tonic Capsules, UNOPENED and 1 Hog Tonic Capsule OPENED to release scent into baits WARNING!...

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