Delta Destoyrer

4.5" Bully Grass Devil

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Single Pack: 6 Ct.

Single Pack - Includes 1 Hog Tonic Capsule, UNOPENED"
"Pro Pack - Includes 2 Hog Tonic Capsules, UNOPENED and 1 Hog Tonic Capsule OPENED to release scent into baits

As you sit back and stare at that sloppy mat of vegetation that looks so thick you'd swear you could walk on it, you quietly lean forward and grab your heavy flippin' stick. And while you're rigging up a 1.5 oz. tungsten, a 5/0 Flippin' hook and a Bully Grass Devil onto your 65 lb. braid, all kinds of thoughts go through your head. "There's gotta be a pig under that stuff", "I'm gonna cross somebody's eyes", "Just need to find that sweet spot inside the spot", "Man I wish I didn't eat that burrito last night". But once your line gets thumped, your mind immediately goes blank, you violently slam back with a vicious hook set and you start cranking that massive pile of salad towards you like a human winch. Once it reaches the boat, you frantically start peeling away the pile of greenery only to find that you've just landed the 5.7 lb. kicker fish you've been looking for all day!  Now more thoughts are running through your head! "This is the winning fish right here baby!", "King Kong ain't got nothing on me!", "Gotta make it back to the weigh-in fast!", "I'm never eating at that Mexican restaurant again!", "There better be a Porta-jon at the ramp!". Then after everyone has weighed in and you're being handed the first place check in front of all the other competitors, an ear to ear smile swallows your face as you think about all the family members and buddies you get to call on the ride home and brag to. So what's the moral of the story you ask? That's a no-brainer! Fishing the Bully Grass Devil and cashing checks has a special way of making you forget about your newly paved skid marks from that damn burrito.  


 Bob's Tech Tip

Get nasty with this bait. Throw it into the sloppiest stuff you can find and hold on. That's what it's designed for! Matted grass is what the Bully Grass Devil calls "home sweet home"….so send it to its home!!!   



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  • best soft baits

    Posted by Robert Johnson on 16th Sep 2017

    I will keep buying these great baits

  • Dont know what to buy? Get these! Read why!

    Posted by Ninja on 25th Jul 2017

    By far one of the best Power Team Lure creature bait other than the gator lizard! I was comfortable with the gator lizard and food Chain tubes until I've seen a few videos of big bass being caught by the Bully Grass Devil and decided to give them a try!! Boy was I impress! Flips really well, use it like a frog on lilly's, and boy does it catch bass!!! So far the only color I've used was the delta destroyer but I'm sure you'll find many choices of colors for the types of lake you're in. Another good find for my aresenal!

  • Bully Devil

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Feb 2017

    I just received the Bully and went out in 54 degree water to test it. First trip, first time using it and caught two largemouths. No size but hey, wait until the fish get into the spawn period. i know I am anxious.....Tight Lines.....

  • Best baits I have used

    Posted by Jon Baute on 25th Jan 2017

    I recently stocked up on a new color: Delta Destroyer in the Bullygrass Devil so that I would have more in different color. From my experience so far using this bait, they are deadly on bass.

  • flip it in the jungle

    Posted by Mangler on 20th Jan 2017

    Here is a bait you can flip into the jungle and not worry about sliding down your hook and catch multiple fish on. If you want to fill live wells with quality fish try the devil out you wont regret it.

  • punch bait

    Posted by Steve Borelli on 22nd Aug 2016

    The bully grass devil has to be the best bait I've ever used for fishing heavily weeded areas goes through the thickest grass with ease great for shoreline brush areas , the first time I used this bait was at a tournament very poor conditions but they put me on fish .. Very durable and boyant I was amazed how durable they are ,and the complete line of baits is the same

  • no fish can hide!!!!

    Posted by preston maples on 22nd Aug 2016

    Put this lure to the test flipping heavy lilly pads ! It's slender body slides between the lillys so easy yet the arms undulated so w undulated elk the bass couldn't resist it!!!

  • Punch-Out

    Posted by Matt Razey on 16th Dec 2014

    My first trip to the south end of Lake Champlain in the Ticonderoga area and I knew what I had to have in my boat for flipping outside grass lines and punching mats. This bully grass devil is the real deal. Its tough and durable yet compact enough to get into tight spots and can really punch through the thick stuff.

    I kept it real simple for color selection. Green pumpkin got the nod most of the time, when it was high skies and sunny the green pumpkin with watermelon red did the trick a little better. Champlain can dirty up in a hurry especially if coming from the north, it will mess that southern end up in a hurry. When that happens I switch it to black and blue swirl and they chomp it.

    For flipping the outside grass I used a 3/4 oz sinker and a 4/0 hook and for punching I beefed up to either a 1 oz or 1.5 oz depending on the slop and a 5/0 hook and it was lights out on those green fish.

  • Tough plastic

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Nov 2014

    Recently received the Bully Grass Devil plastics I ordered. First thing I noticed, and the most important thing to me, is the plastic was super tough. Just like the 3.5" Craw D'oevre. Tough plastic means harder for the fish to tear it up. And team it with the soft bait glue you offer, you've got a super durable plastic that will last a lot longer than conventional plastics on the market. Glad I found PTL.


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