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Pro Packs

If you're like most of our hardcore customers and like to buy our baits in bulk, I don't blame you. Why not right? I mean once you figure out your "go to" baits and colors, you might as well save a couple bucks on fancy packaging and get more baits for your dollar with our Pro Packs (let's face it, you're just going to tear open the packages and dump the baits into poly bags anyway…so we take the liberty to do this for you). Another cool feature about Pro Packs is, each Pro Pack that goes out the door gets shot with a generous dose of Hog Tonic before shipping. This means your baits will be brewing in aminos during the entire journey to your door (yea, that's our favorite part too). So don't be surprised if your mail carrier has a weird look on his or her face when they deliver your package to you.


If your mail carrier complains about the smell, just toss them a bologna and cheese sandwich once a week and everything will be okay (that's what we do and it works like a charm!)