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25 Ct. JP Hammer Shad, 3.6" Electric Chicken


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Product Description

25 Ct. Pro Pack

Want to know all about the 3.6" JP Hammer Shad? To keep it simple, we've actually captured a live uncensored conversation between two big fish that'll clear up any of your curiosities about this bait (The identity of these fish are being kept a secret for their own safety). For legal purposes, we'll just refer to them as Fish A and Fish B.

Fish A: "Yo, how you been big girl? Hey, quick question for you…what do you know about this bait they call the 3.6" JP Hammer Shad?"

Fish B: "Shhhhhhh! Keep it down girl! Somebody might hear you! I'll tell you but you have to PROMISE to keep it a secret."

Fish A: "You got my word. But please tell me because the suspense is killing me!"   

Fish B: "Okay, but you didn't hear this from me! Word on the street is that this bait is one bad mofo! It's got moves that'll make you salivate like a starved dog staring at a juicy rib roast. I've heard that there's been fish that have literally quit their jobs, left their families, and threw it all away just to go in search for this bait. Pretty messed up right? They say it only takes one mouthful of this thing and you're hooked! I've also heard that even if you try to fight your instincts and stay away from it, the way it moves will put you in a trance - and before you know it, you're being held in the air by some screaming human that is taking pictures of you! It's pretty freaky if you ask me.  Just talking about it makes me wanna……"

Fish A: "Holy crap! I literally have chills just thinking about this thing now! I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight! Hey…where are you going? Take me with you!

And just in case you're a little hard headed and don't believe these two fish, take a look at this bait in the video to the left and see for yourself how it can move. You'll then understand what these fish were talking about.



This bait catches basically everything that swims in fresh and salt water. Drop shot it, rig it on a Scrounger Head, bounce it along the bottom on a FCT Head, fish it on the back of a Chatterbait, spinnerbait or buzzbait, fish it on a split shot rig, or fish it weightless. But whatever you do, don't rig it on a drop shot and throw it in a fish’s bed. I said don’t do it!!!   


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