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  1. The Best Swimbait I have Ever Used

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jun 2014

    There is no other swimbait on the market that has the tail action that the Swinging hammer has. It is a big fish magnet, You can swim it as it is or as a trailer for a chatterbait or my favorite a swim jig .This bait has caught more 5 plus pound fish for me than any other bait I have ever fished.

  2. Best Paddletail out there !

    Posted by Matt Price on 11th Jun 2014

    This thing has amazing action! It casts a mile, comes in great colors and is fairly durable. It has become my confidence bait. Pick you up a Pro Pack of Pearl white and stop wasting your money on other brands !


    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2014

    Love these. Slow or fast retrieve. Doeatn matter. Looks realistic and the action is phenomenal! Nice wobble with goodntail action. By far my favorite soft plastic swimn bait. SWINGING HAMMER!!!!

  4. Killer swimming Bait!!!!!!

    Posted by Robert Harber a.k.a Hemi on 8th Apr 2014

    I used the PTL 4.5 Swimming hammer this weekend in the Money and Smoking minnow colors and the specled Trout loved them! The biat works really well in al tyoes of conditions and using the 5/0 tick shakes hook setup with the minnow works great for going weedless! I look forward to many more adventures with the swimming hammer!

  5. 4.8" Swinging Hammer Review

    Posted by Thomas Gredig on 2nd Apr 2014

    Excellent Swimbaits! I catch fish on every lake with these Swimbaits!! When you're out fishing next time with Swimbaits and you're not catching anything . . . . .use the 4.8" Swinging Hammer, for me .. . . .it does good when nothing else will!! Awesome action and tough soft plastic!

  6. swim this!!

    Posted by christian heffley on 18th Mar 2014

    Unbeleavable action.. If you are looking for a fabulous swim bait this is the one! I used these in a tournament here in jacksonville fl and was just amazed of the action of these baits with no time to test and tune I put them straight to work. Tons of bites I just couldn't put it in front of a big girl..
    If you are looking for a swim bait that bring lots of attention I highly recommend no disappointments here what so ever and now one of my rods have been dedicated to the hammer from now on..

  7. Can't wait to throw it

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2014

    The Swinging Hammer comes in great colors. The bait's action is tremendous. We are only a few days past ice out on Ohio waters so I have not had an opportunity to use the bait extensively. It looked great in my pond today. We have a lake near my home that is known for the biggest bass in the state. I hope to have some photos for you the next time I contact you.

  8. Hammer Time

    Posted by Dale Ellis on 17th Mar 2014

    Awesome action that promotes strikes. Even with finicky fish. Love slam shad on a 1/4oz keel weighed screw lock hook. Gotta get more.

  9. Awesome Swimbait

    Posted by Mike on 8th Mar 2014

    This thing was impressive last fall when I had my first half dozen packs of the 4.8" Hammer Shad. I found a nice hook weighted on the nose from 1/4oz-3/8oz in a 6/0 size.

    I fished it on 30lb Braid, I would bump it up to at least 40lb if you are planning on fishing scatted pads and shallow flats with cover. The bait has a good weight to is and casts very far. The 2nd half of that body moves roughly 2-3" to either side when slow rolling the bait or reeling it fast…Stop it once crawled over a piece or cover or weed and watch it thump it way slowly to bottom. I caught lot's of annoying pike on this bait and it would hold up on 2-3 fish easy…That's impressive considering the teeth. I got onto some nice bass also. Soak the bait in HogTonic so the fish hold on for that extra few seconds.

    Give them a try, very nice baits with lot's of action and always seem to run true no matter how fast or slow you fish.

  10. Spinnerbait Gold

    Posted by Jeremy H on 12th Feb 2014

    Slammed an absolute pig of a northern largemouth last year fishing this behind a spinnerbait. I love em.

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4.8" Swinging Hammer


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Product Description

Hmmmm, there was something really important that I wanted to say about this bait. Oh what was it? Oh yea…now I remember. I CAUGHT MY PERSONAL BEST LARGEMOUTH ON THIS BAIT THE FIRST TIME I TOOK IT ON THE WATER!!! An 11.46 lb. pig to be exact (I'll never forget the giant bulging eyes on that mule)! But don't let that bit of information sway you. Let the massive side to side swagger of this bait in the water sway you. After all, that's what swayed that monster bass into engulfing it. My toes still curl just thinking about that glorious day! Oops, there I go day dreaming about that fish again…my bad. Back to business! The action of this bait is never compromised regardless of what your retrieve speed is. From burning it on a ½ oz. swimbait hook all the way down to a weightless crawl along the top for a slow seductive wake, the performance of the Swinging Hammer gets fish all jacked up like meth heads on a fresh fix (especially the big ones)! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna peace out on this write up so I can go watch the video of my hog again. It never gets old!



This is another one of those baits that I put a drop of PRO's Soft Bait Glue on the screw lock of the hook when I'm rigging it. Fish smash this thing with a vengeance so that little drop of glue will definitely save you money in the long run because you'll get many more fish per bait. Hey, did I mention the fact that I caught my personal best largemouth on this bait? Just checking!

P.S. Slooow rollin' this bait for shallow pigs is one of my personal favs. But it's a free country so you can do whaterver you want.   

Quantity: 5 Ct.


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